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Hedda Layne


Hedda Layne is a proud native of Texas.  She has lived all over the state and now calls Dallas her home.  She adores the Dallas-Fort Worth area and has seen it change for the better over the years.  There are exciting things happening in the real estate market and there are ample opportunities available to everyone.

She’s personally bought and sold a number of homes and her passion is finding just the right property.  She’s learned a lot over the years and enjoys sharing her knowledge and experiences with all of her clients.  Hedda’s goal is to make home selling and buying an enjoyable process allowing the client to gain knowledge and insight during their experience.

Hedda feels that real estate is one of the best, and most important investments one can make for themselves and their family.  Teaming with Hedda during your real estate journey is a great decision and I promise to assist you with the utmost professionalism, precision and performance.  Call Hedda today!